The FOOTBALL.IE community, as an innovative communication platform, regards the protection of the user as its highest priority. Our goal is to meet this responsibility within the services provided by the FOOTBALL.IE community.

As a provider of this platform, we take our social commitment seriously and expect the same from our users. A functioning FOOTBALL.IE community, on which everyone feels comfortable, can only be achieved in the interaction of all participants. We have therefore created a contact address that you can contact at any time if any content or process within is found to be unlawful, offensive or in violation of the Terms of Use .

We expect that our users are aware of their shared responsibility, comply with legal requirements and observe the following information in all areas of the FOOTBALL.IE community.

- Everyone is responsible for their own content  which they post, see Contents Responsibility .

- Never give personal information (telephone number, e-mail address, address or full name) to strangers.

- When making appointments with strangers, you should always choose public places and never be alone. Always inform other’s as to your whereabouts and give specific dates and times.

- Gifts or offers of money are rarely available without any consideration or ulterior motive.

- Do not send e-mails to advertisers (keyword unsolicited advertising) or other unsolicited content.

- Always remember that all public content can also be used by minors.

- Parents / guardians / friends should act as role models for minors and should train them in the use of the Internet and in particular explicitly point out the above points.

- The steps necessary to protect children and young people on the Internet as well as important information on safe use of the Internet can be found on the following websites: