Content Responsibility

If some of the content is in violation of the rules set forth by the FOOTBALL.IE community and therefore does not belong in the FOOTBALL.IE community. We reserve the right to remove uploaded content that we consider objectionable, inappropriate to this community, including (but not limited to) violent, criminal, religious, political, racist, sexist, sexual or exploitative content.

Right to privacy

Everyone has the right to their own image. Photos and video clips of private individuals may not be published without permission for minors, only the parents can give this consent.  This also means that recognizably depicted or filmed persons must agree with the publication of the content. Therefore, to avoid conflict, you should always ask the necessary questions when people in the picture or film are recognizable.

Can I really publish this content?

You can usually post photos and videos of friends and acquaintances, but you should ask them if they consent to your post.

Social Media Policy

Do not upload, post or forward any content belonging to a third party unless you have that third party's consent. For example, don’t discuss colleagues, competitors, coaches and / or players without their prior approval.

Avoid publishing your contact details where they can be accessed and used widely by people you did not intend to see them, and never publish anyone else's contact details.

Do not accept anyone under the age of 13 on your Social Media page. Report underage users to the Child’s parents or the Social Media outlet.

Any user under the age of 18 looking to join your Social Media page should have provided written parental/ guardian consent in advance.

No images or personal information of under 18’s should be posted online without prior written consent from each parent / guardian. It is paramount that no user is asked to post any personal details of under 18’s as certain information could be used to identify or locate them.

Photography & Filming

Children’s names or additional detailed information about them must not accompany any image or video. Before up-loading any images or videos of children, written consent must be received from each parent / guardian.


You guarantee and confirm during the upload that you have observed all copyrights of third parties that are required for uploading the content on the FOOTBALL.IE community, and have all the necessary rights to use same.

In particular, but not exclusively, you guarantee to respect the rights of all persons depicted on the photos / videos posted, in particular the right to their own image, and / or to be granted the corresponding rights of use and reproduction rights.

Please check each content before uploading again.

Could the uploaded content possibly violate copyright laws?

Here are some examples of the possible existence of a violation of copyright.

- Pictures / clips that are photographed / filmed by the TV screen.

- Private concert recordings

- Recording and later uploading TV programs

- Music videos

- Photomontages are only harmless if the source images are legally flawless

Please be aware that if you violate any copyright laws you may be subject to a fee-based warning and even damages.


In principle, you may not publish or promote illegal content directly in the FOOTBALL.IE community or provide any content that directly refers to such content.

This includes, in particular, information and presentations that:

- incite racial hatred or portray cruel or otherwise inhumane acts of violence against humans or animals in a manner that expresses a glorification or belittlement of such violence, or that portrays the cruel or inhumane nature of the act in a manner that violates human dignity.

- represent children or adolescents in unnaturally gendered postures (this also applies to virtual representations),

- are pornographic and involve violence, the sexual abuse of children or adolescents or sexual acts of people with animals (this also applies to virtual representations).


Please make sure that the content and information offered by you does not contain any contents or refer to those that violate the statutory youth protection regulations. These include, but are not limited to, information and presentations:

- use the marks of unconstitutional organizations, incite racial hatred or portray cruel or otherwise inhumane acts of violence against humans or animals in a manner that expresses trivialisation or that portrays the cruel or inhumane nature of the event in a manner that violates human dignity.

- representing children or adolescents in unnaturally gendered postures (this also applies to virtual representations),

- are pornographic and violence, the sexual abuse of children or adolescents or sexual acts of people with animals to the subject (this is true even with virtual representations). 


Welcome to the FOOTBALL.IE community!

Each community is fun only when everyone is friendly with each other. A few rules and guidelines facilitate fair dealings with each other. If you're onboard, we're happy to make the FOOTBALL.IE community a friendly place for all people.

1. Your Community

The FOOTBALL.IE community allows like-minded football fans to communicate in a safe forum & share football related content.

2. Protection for you and others

In the FOOTBALL.IE community, all participants should feel comfortable and safe. After all, you do not want to be attacked, deceived or lied to. Negative types hurt a community and scare off new participants. This, of course, reduces the chances of meeting really exciting people. That's why we carefully watch what's happening in the community. We comply with legal requirements and prevent upsetting situations for individual participants or even for the entire community. Therefore, anyone signing up to the community is committed to not deceiving or damaging others. Most importantly, children and adolescents should be protected.

3. Respect!

You can help make sure the FOOTBALL.IE community is enjoyable for everyone: do not write, show or say anything that offends others. Please respect the boundaries of others and in turn they will do the same with you. If someone insults or attacks you, please ignore it instead of dwelling on it for a long time.  It may not always be easy for you to do the same, but it is much more effective if you ignore the culprits.

4. Imagine!

For the other participants to get to know you better, you should choose photos and videos that say as much about you as possible. Please do not post pictures, comics or anything that might be offensive to others. Texts, URLs, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses etc. are forbidden on all pictures. Remember that all pictures and videos really belong to you and no other person has the copyright. If your images show other people, you should in any case have previously agreed that they are on the FOOTBALL.IE community.

5. Welcome

Welcome to the forum! We always have an open ear for you. So, if someone harasses you, annoys or insults you, just report it in the forum. Of course, this also applies if you have a question about the FOOTBALL.IE community. If you have any good ideas or suggestions - go ahead and post them in the forum.

6. Your access data is classified information!

Do not share your access data with anyone. This will ensure you protect yourself from abuse and your profile stays safe.

8. Share your knowledge and experience in the FOOTBALL.IE community

Knowledge is great if you can share it with others.  If someone asks a question and you know the answer, be sure to share your knowledge with them. 

9. Look for a meaningful subject line in the forum.

The subject line documents every discussion or topic. If your headline adequately represents the topic, the headline will ensure you draw in the right people who have a similar interest in your post.

10. Pay attention to the legal regulations

Do not post anything that is against the law. This includes, of course, texts, images and videos that are protected by copyright. Furthermore, this includes posts that are harmful to children, inhumane, undignified or of defamatory content! This also includes links to corresponding pages. 

11. Private remains private!

Would you like someone to share what you wrote under the seal of secrecy? Certainly not. Private messages should also remain private.

12. Be careful with naming names!

Think carefully about whether you need to publish names or personal data of others. This can be quite uncomfortable for those affected. If you have a legal dispute with another person, it is forbidden to mention the name in connection with the facts.